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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 12, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu. >> someone is using pepper spray to commit strong-armed robberies. good evening every. >> there is a new crime wave in san francisco. police are telling us about a rash of robberies by criminals using pepper spray to gain the
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upper hand. we count at least six of those robberies since wednesday night. they have been taking place in neighborhoods all across the city. ktvu's amber lee is live in the marina, the scene of the most recent pepper spray robbery. amber? >> reporter: julie, the incident happened here around this time last night. each incident, police say the attackers used the pepper spray such as this one to catch their victims off guard. along chestnut street tonight we saw plenty of people using their smart phones and other devices and not totally aware of their surroundings. >> guilty as charged. i do it all the time. i try to avoid it as much as possible. >> reporter: good as vice according to police, there have been six attacks in various neighborhoods where two or more young men pepper sprayed a victim, snatched his or her iphone, wallet, or purse. the attackers preyed on people
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who were distracted, men and women of various ages. >> victims have been, you know, using their smart phones or some type of not being alert to what's going on. >> reporter: police say they only have a vague description of the suspects because the victims were disoriented after being doused with pi and couldn't get a good look at the men. pepper spray irritates the eyes and causes pain, tears, and temporary blindness. in each incident the young men ages 18-25 attacked the victims after dark. >> what are you going to do differently? >> i don't know. just be careful and watch your purse and make sure that you're aware of your circumstances. >> it's definitely frightening and something to turn down your music for and take a look around and be more aware of where i'm walking. >> stay in well-lit areas, i guess. what else can you do? >> reporter: police are urging people to refrain from using electronic devices while
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walking around after dark and to be extra alert. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." . san francisco police are also looking for a driver who dragged an officer in his suv for a short distance this afternoon. it happened at about 2:15 today after police pulled over the driver at the intersection of webster and fell streets. police say the officer spotted drugs in the suv and reached for the driver's arm, that's when the man drove off. a second officer fired one round, striking the rear of the vehicle. the first officer was dragged a few feet, suffering minor injuries. police found the vehicle abandoned a few blocks away, but no sign of the driver or his passenger. oakland police today revealed what a 37 year old plan was holding when officers shot and killed him earlier this week. they say the silver metallic object wasn't a weapon but was a small electronic scale, a type commonly used to weigh drugs.
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the man's family say he's being feared and police have had a grudge against him. debra is live at police headquarters tonight with our report, debra? >> reporter: frank, the scale in his pants and a small jar of marijuana in his pocket may explain why hurley derek jones ran from police, but his family says bad blood goes back 20 years. >> started in 1990. >> jones sister says when she and derek were teenagers, two oakland cops assaulted her and accused him of stealing a scooter. later the officers were fired and a settlement less than $10,000 paid to the family. >> somebody decides to fight back because it wasn't fair for them to assume a little black boy was selling drugs and riding a stolen moe ped. >> reporter: that set the stage formuchyle animosity with -- mutual animosity with police. three years ago jones talked to
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ktvu about having a shop window smashed repeatedly but said he lived by the law of the street. >> rule is no snitching. if you snitch, watch your back. >> reporter: today like yesterday, jones supporters rallied at his business. >> it doesn't matter whether they were latino cops, white cops, black cops. >> reporter: it goes beyond racism to a lack of respect. >> if you see me, you wouldn't know i'm a business owner or 46 years old. 95% of the police officer stereotype. >> opd wasn't visible at the protest, but afterwards one of jones brothers was swarmed and taken away for possible dui. >> the same thing has been going on for 20 or 30 years to our family and is still happening. >> reporter: adding to the
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resentment raging since monday night. >> i pushed very hard to reduce the number of waste band shootings, reaching shootings, and things we did in the city of long beach. >> reporter: without discussing specifics, chief asked tonight for patience as the shooting investigation plays out. reporting live in oakland, debra, "ktvu channel 2 news." family and friends of a berkeley high school freshman killed recently in an accidental shooting gathered today to remember him and hear a message from his football coach. >> if you shoot somebody, they are not going to get up. it's not like a video game. >> the coach said it's just not normal for kids to get shot and die. he was speaking about 14 year old maleek who was shot in the head after visiting a friend october 30. maleek died 5 days later. the u.s. supreme court is letting the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy remain in place for now.
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the justices said today they'll allow the policy to remain in place until the full appeals process is complete. the policy prohibits gay men and lesbians from serving openningly in the military. the obama administration appealed to the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco after a southern california judge ruled that "don't ask, don't tell" is unconstitutional. governor schwarzenegger told reporters today he's going to use his final weeks in office to close a short fall. >> i'm going to make every effort possible to realize we have to make more cuts even though they hate it and it's painful for all of us >> >> a special session is set to start on december 6 when new lawmakers are sworn in. government schwarzenegger says it was based on financial projections. they are we'rey the cuts will make it harder to rebound.
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a parolee pleaded not guilty today. the judge asked us to blur the face of the 42 year old also accused of robbery and attempted rape. he gained access to the apartment by claiming to be the utility worker looking for a possible gas leak. back in april, hallow was patrolled. a san francisco district attorney filed charges today against the man arrested yesterday for the standoff on the bay bridge. craig valentino was charged for holding his teenage daughter. he faces another felony for making a face bomb threat and three demeanors. the highway patrol says valentino blames marriage problem. his wife told us this is not the husband she knows and described what may have led to the incident on the bridge.
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ktvu's ken pritchard has that part of the story. >> this standoff was yesterday morning, the disruption for drivers is long over but the same can't be said for the family of craig carlos valentino. >> this is what he made for me one year. that's him. that's him. >> reporter: this is the image jill carlos valentino cherishes of her husband. not this, the standoff broadcast live or the booking photo taken after his arrest. >> the man on the bridge yesterday is not the man i married. >> reporter: at about 7:00 a.m., carlos valentino called a local radio station, then 911 says he was stopped on the bridge with his daughter and had explosives and a gun. he also called his wife. >> on the phone he said you just couldn't give me 30 days
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could you. he said turn on the news. >> his daughter ran to safety after carlos valentino threw a gun into the bay. explosive-sniffing dogs checked his suv, he did not have explosives. >> he's not a terrorist. he's a man workinghearted for his family and just everything collided at one time. he must have snapped. >> reporter: her 22 year marriage was coming to an end. she says she's both sorry for what he caused yesterday morning and grateful to police negotiators who she says saved her husband's life. >> i want to thank them. i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for knowing how to handle the situation, for not overreacting. >> reporter: the chp said this afternoon carlos valentino faces charges of felony child
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endangerment, criminal threats, and brandishing a firearm. ken pritchard, "ktvu channel 2 news." we have posted extended clips from our interview at just look for the bridge standoff tab on our home page. clear skies tonight, but will they hold for the weekend? bill martin has tomorrow's forecast in 10 minutes. and tonight a new twist in the san francisco happy meal debate. parents or politician, who is calling the shots about your child's meal? she's oakland's first
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from including toys in meals, the mayor says parents should decide what their parents eat, not politicians. public opinion maybe on his side. parents we talked to tonight overwhelmingly agreed, still the board of supervisors seems to have the votes. mike is live in the city tonight with our report, mike? >> frank, taking the toy out of the happy meal, the story has made national headlines and tonight some san francisco parents are indeed shaking their head. the dinner time dash, burgers, fries, and for erica coe.
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>> it's friday night, i'm tired. i want to get an easy meal for my kids. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors voted this week banning toys to be included in children's meal that exceed 600-calories and lack fruits and vegetables. >> do you like broccoli? >> yeah. >> reporter: today the governor who launched a number of programs for healthy eating and exercise said he vetoed this legislation. >> is this next or captain crunch next? >> the supervisor responded to the veto saying the dollars spent far outnumber any resources that we as a city could spend on outreach and education. last year the fast food industry spent more than $4.2 billion on marketing and advertising. preschoolers saw 21% more fast food ads on television compared
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to 2003. >>ic it's completely up to the parents. >> her husband stand behind the mayor and his veto. >> once in awhile it's a treat for them. if they want a toy, so be it. this is not something the government politicians should be regulating. not their business. >> when i bring home the happy meal, i add fruit at home. i feel i already know i'm feeding my kids healthy. i'm not worried about the one meal. >> reporter: supervisor's office says the board plans to overturn the mayor's veto. in order to do that, it needs 8 votes. it was exactly 8 supervisors who voted for the law earlier in the week. reporting live tonight in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." an advertising agency is going to pay san francisco $45,000 for cleaning up a video game marketing ploy. the company pasted fake $25,000 bills on sidewalks last august
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to promote a new chapter of a game. san francisco said removing the fake bills turned out to be a real chore. now they are stuck, if you will, with picking up the tab. for the second time this week, investigation of a problem. today's problem involves a sulfuric acid spill. a flair up at the refinery, then today an acid spill was reported at 11:30 this morning. 84-gallons leaked into a tank into a concrete basin. crews quickly contained the spill. no injuries reported. at least 111 people are suing pg&e over the deadly san bruno explosion in september. they are putting all the cases in front of one judge. many of the suits blame pg&e for the blast saying the company failed to properly
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maintain the natural gas line. the explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 35 homes. a response from the judicial council is expected within two months. jean quan is celebrating tonight. dozens of people celebrated the party in oakland's chinatown. she made history this week, becoming the first asian woman elected mayor of a major u.s. city. quan embodies the american dream and her family has deep roots in the city he's about to lead. >> she's already been elected, but she hasn't stopped running. >> haven't i seen enough of you guys in the last 24 hours? >> jean quan will also be the first asian-american woman mayor of a major u.s. city. >> i think it represents hopefulness for a lot of people. i'm being stopped constantly on the streets. >> reporter: when quan, 61 is sworn in here at city hall in
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january, she'll be 6 blocks from where her mother was a garment worker, 8 months from where in 1906 her great grandmother and three sons first lived when they arrived in oakland's chinatown. >> i feel i'm surrounded by the family history and we've come a long way. >> her father, a union hotel cook and world war ii veteran died when she was 5. quan was raised by her mother who had no formal education. >> california schools are very good, and the daughter of an i literate immigrant woman could go on scholarship and run for mayor of oakland 1 part of the california dream. >> reporter: at uc berkeley she met her now-husband and became a community organizer, she ran for the oakland school board and served more than a decade, leaving just before the schools were taken over by the state,
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then moved to the city council. >> they've taken us with them in their political journey. >> reporter: quan's two children say she's never sacrificed family for public life. >> she's an intellectual. she loves learning. >> her daughter says her mother is tough and has developed a thick skin. >> all right, sweety, thank you. >> reporter: something that will come in handy trying 20 solve oakland's problems the next 4 years. in oakland, rita williams, "ktvu channel 2 news." we asked veteran politician willie brown what he thought about oakland's rank choice voting. he said he's not a fan and it's virtually impossible to understand. >> who are you running against, what program do you offer, how do you say vote for me second, if you can't second, vote for me third. none of that makes sense. in a democracy, it's winner
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take all. >> the former san francisco mayor said he believes eventually rank choice voting will be eliminated. there is a new leader in the california race for attorney general. san francisco district attorney harris is now in the front. she has 5500 more votes than steve cooley. the polls closed 10 days ago. tens of thousands of provisional and mail-in ballots are being counted. includes many other investors. they paid $450 million for the team, it's a record for an nba team. the previous owner bought the team 15 years ago for $119 million. today the nba gave its formal approval to the sale of the warriors. and you know it's going to
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be a cold one tonight. it was freezing last night. frost in any locations. tonight we have cold temperatures in store, then we have a wind advisory as well. these are the highs from today. tomorrow will be normal for your saturday. wind advisory in effect tonight through sunday into monday morning. we'll see how it transpires. the winds, i don't know if you'll notice the winds, most people probably won't notice the winds. nice weekend ahead. cooling trend next week. forget that, wement to talk about the temperatures overnight, cold in many locations, near freezing and frost. when i come back i'll show you your forecast, specific cities and see how warm they are going to get. it was an emotional homecoming today for the crew of the u.s. coast guard cutter aspen. the ship and its 41-member crew have returned from a deployment in the gulf of mexico, they
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collected more than 137-gallons of oil following the oil rig disaster. on the way back, the aspen responded to the carnival cruise ship stranded in the pacific. new information about a fire that forced dozens from their homes. we now know what caused it. a new video premiered in
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we have learned tonight 15 children are among the 62 people forced out of their homes this evening following a fire that damaged an east oakland apartment building today. officials till us a cigarette may have started that fire inside an apartment at 1733 seminary avenue shortly before noon. firefighters used ladders to rescue residents from second floor apartments, no one was
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hurt. alameda's fire chief as resigned. officials say david capler left his position last week. capler went on administrative leave in september after photos surfaced him pumping gas for free into his bmw. president obama is in japan for another meeting today but also had his eyes on a meeting next week with republicans in washington, d.c. on extending tax cuts. >> i want to make sure that taxes don't go up for middle class families starting on january 1. that's my number one priority. for those families and our economy. >> the president went on to say permanently extending tax cuts would be fiscally irresponsible and it suggested republicans be on board with that if their priorities dealing with the deficit as they say it is. the president is set to wrap up his trip on sunday.
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another rough day on wall street with concerns over inflation in china driving down stocks. the dow dropped 90, nasdaq also took a hit, tumbling 37. the dow lost more than 200 points this week alone, that's a decline of 2.2%. it's the biggest fall since the week ending august 13. the nasdaq had a tough every week falling 2.4%. retailers across the country plan to hire about 600,000 workers for the upcoming holiday season according to to a forecast released today. it's below the 2007 high of 720,000 people. among those countries, internet retailer announced it's hiring more than 15,000 workers. the computer chip maker is on track to have its best year
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ever. the company's board of directors approved raising quarterly dividends to 18 cents per share. the increase will take effect next year. >> more health problems tonight for gabor. the 93 year old was admitted to ucla hospital today after a doctor visited her at home. the doctor says she had massive blood clots in her legs which could make her vulnerable to a heart attack. the actress has been hospitalized several times this year and asked for a priest to read her last rites in august. it's called nobody knows where the bullet goes. the inspiration behind a provocative plea against
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new video tonight of a road rage shooting along interstate 80. it happened after 6 this evening. police tell us the driver of a lexus was tailgating another driver on i-80. the slower car pulled off at cherry glen road. that's when the tailgater pulled up next to him and fired three shots. the shooter drove off, the victim was hit in the leg. a new video debuted in oakland, it deals with random violence from gun fire. the people who showed the film know all too well about the damage a stray bullet can do. lloyd is live in oakland tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, two years ago, the company behind me was giving a music lesson to a 10 year old bull who was struck by a bullet that left him
12:01 am
paralyzed. tonight it was a venue for a video attempting to raise awareness about random violence. the video is called "nobody knows where the bullet goes," and to hip hop music and fast- paced clips, it tells a story about how so many people have been affected by random gun fire. in the audience was 13 year old chris rodriquez who was wounded by a stray bullet fired by a man attempting to rob a car wash. his mother spoke for him tonight. >> there's a lot to be done on the issue. >> reporter: the video focuses on a young man trying to cope with a death of a friend. earlier this year he was driving when a bullet struck him down. the case is still not solved. >> kind of choked up. kind of seeing him again on screen kind of takes you back to that place where you were 10
12:02 am
months ago, today 10 months exactly. >> i don't think people realize when you pull that trigger, you done brought a whole bunch of hurt in everybody else's life. >> reporter: the video was created by educator and film maker howard edgar bogay: >> when a teen thinks a gun is a tool for change, they'll say no, i'm going to use my mind, words, the support group around me. that's going to create the better day in the long run. >> reporter: the plan is to distribute the movie to as many schools as possible and to start the discussion about ending random violence. live in oakland, "ktvu channel 2 news." family and friends of a man killed by a driver evading the highway patrol returned to the crash site today. it marked the first time his wife has visited the scene.
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the crowd made a makeshift memorial of flowers and candles at the intersection. >> he'll be missed. we love him. we know we'll see him again. he was a man of god. >> the 32 year old oakland man was driving to work last thursday morning when a bmw collided with his suburban. police say he was trying to escape from the chp who wanted to pull him over for speeding. less are investigating a rash of converter thefts. officers arrested two men this morning after they were spotted tampering with a car. a third man ran away. officers found five converters in the suspect's car. two were from vehicles belonging to san ramon residents. friends of steve lee rallied outside senator barbara
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boxer's office today in san francisco asking for her help to bring him or keep him from being deported. he's a nursing student and right now he's being held in arizona awaiting deportation. his attorney says that is scheduled to happen on monday. lee came to this country when he was 12 with his parents on tourist visas. his friends say his parents are not facing immediate deportation. a bay area man accused of beating up a priest appeared in court today and was charged with assault, but in this case, the man says he's the real victim and plans to tell his story in open court. ktvu's robert honda reports. >> reporter: 43 year old will lynch came to be charged for an alleged attack last month on a priest who lynch says sexually abused him and his brother when they were young children. lynch beat up the 65 year old.
12:05 am
lynch's supporters say he was active in their community and betrayed them. >> he was invited to our campouts, home masses, parties, and he turned out to be a serial rapist. >> reporter: lynch was charged with felony assault and has said in prior interviews he plans to use the trial to shame him publicly. they were asked if public sentiment was on lynch's side and if that might help in court. >> it's premature to talk about what is going to happen in court. he is determined to see the justice is done. >> reporter: supporters say they want to expose a system they claim protects predators. >> the jesuits have moved him around until the statute of limitations has run out. >> reporter: he plans to enter a plea. his attorney says it will be not guilty. he has denied the accusations and has never been criminally charged though the jesuits paid
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the lynch brothers $625,000 in 1998 to settle a civil suit. in san jose, robert honda, "ktvu channel 2 news." with less than two weeks to go until thanksgiving, the salvation army tells us they have received only 6 turkeys from donors. they were planning to give out 150 this year. jackie smith thinks donors are waiting until the last minute because of their own shaky financial positions. >> they don't have a promise when they go to their job there's going to be a job there. you're going to go a lot slower. >> they also say they don't have enough vegetables. a lot of food banks are seeing increased demand after the worst recession is over. workers at the alameda community food bank tells us they gave away 12 million- pounds of food in 2007, compare that to 20 million-pounds this year. troubling accusations against five school district
12:07 am
employees, the criminal charges they face tonight. going to be a cold one tonight. temperatures into the 40s, there's a wind advisory as well. i'll tell you how this plays into your bay area weekenú
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i'm going to make a difference. i knew i wanted to go to college,
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but i had no clue how to pay for it. the u.s. department of education has over $100 billion to help students pay for college. and the free application? you mean the fafsa? i did it online. i'm going to find out how to pay for college. i'm going to five employees of the san francisco school district are under criminal investigation tonight involving an alleged kickback scheme. the superintendent said the five work for the student support services department and received money from community organizations hired to work for the schools. the superintendent said the payments range from a few thousand dollars to $40,000. the tradition of friday night football for high schools is threatened.
12:10 am
this evening, concord beat valley and both teams are heading to the playoffs, but a budget crisis has left all sports programs depend dependent on private fundraising efforts. this year parents came through, but next year could be another story. the problem is a lot of students count on playing sports so they can get an athletic scholarship to go to college. >> it's kind of scary to think of a school year without sports and scary to think how college is going to work out without the scholarship opportunities. >> the athletic foundation says it needs to raise $1 million to keep the athletes playing next year. the federal aviation administration announced a new rule to deal with one of the most critical issues in aviation safety, the most stunning example was the airlines jet that sustained an 18-foot hole back in 1988. a flight attendant was killed. now aircraft makers and airlines will have to establish
12:11 am
the number of takeoffs and landings without fatigue damage. in afghanistan, a suicide car bomber detonated his explosives as a nato convoy passed by today. in addition, a civilian was killed and two troops wounded. the attack was part of the campaign to force americans out of that country. such attacks have been relatively rare in kabul. in haiti, one doctor says the number of cholera patients coming to his hospital is doubling every day. at least 724 people have already died and more than 11,000 cases have been confirmed. the united nations today asked for $164 million to fight the outbreak. officials say the money is needed for doctors, medications, and water pureification commitment. so far the source of the cholera hasn't been determined. from a hospital to his ranch in the southern part of
12:12 am
the country today. he has been in a coma now for almost 5 years after a series of strokes. doctors say it would be more beneficial for him to be treated at home as opposed to a hospital and he's not showing signs of emerging from the coma. he is 82 years old. cracking down on parties that get out of control. why san francisco isn't focusing its ♪ [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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an innocent tourist shot and killed outside a party near union square just a couple of weeks ago a young man killed outside another club in the city. tonight san francisco is saying more has to be done to stop the violence and it starts with party promoters. david stevenson has our report. >> reporter: event reporter
12:15 am
says that in a tough economy san francisco venues depend on party promoters to pack clubs with people. >> we all want business. that's what party promoters provide. >> reporter: a recent string of shootings inside and outside clubs has prompted a new law aimed at keeping track of promoters before and after violence breaks out. >> what we've discovered is the large majority of the serious incidents involve fly by night party promoters. >> reporter: the safety commission is set to require promoters to register online for free, providing accurate contact information in the event of violence. the vote is set to come two weeks after a nightclub shooting that left one man dead. >> the club owners are required to only use individuals on a list of party promoters and that's how we ensure club owners are also ensuring they are using party promoters who take care of our neighborhoods. >> we've been trying to figure
12:16 am
out what could be useful to us and what wouldn't be overly encumbering on a business person. >> reporter: other members of the california music and culture association which represents club owners and promoters accept the law. if passed, it could go into effect in mid-january. in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." fisherman are getting ready for the start of the season which begins on sunday. fisherman loaded their boats today, they can start dropping off the pots sunday morning and at midnight monday, they can pull them up again. crab should be available no later than tuesday. of course, fisherman and buyers have to agree on a price. this area's season is expected to be a good one. a documentary was pulled
12:17 am
from a theater. the film is called "daddy i do" and named best documentary at the canned film festival. it examines sex education and its affect on teen pregnancy race. the nonprofit says the movie was mistakingly added to a line of movies about educational pressure. the theater's executive director gave her this reason. >> she said two of the board members of the theater did not like the subject matter of the film and they felt the topic was irrelevant to marine audiences. >> a board member says he's unaware of such comments and says the theater director didn't get the approval before adding the movie to the lineup. the department of public health announced fines against two san francisco hospitals today. california pacific medical center was fined a total of $125,000 for not following procedures that left a reactor blade and a sponge inside a
12:18 am
patient after surgery. ucsf was fined $25,000 for leaving a drill bit in a patient's head and fined another $25,000 for not having an effective system to distribute high-risk medication. the hospitals say they have taken steps to fix the problem. and welcome back. we have some cold temperatures, low temperatures to talk about. north bay first, 46 right now in santa rosa, that's cool, 44 in napa, throughout this area, we'll see frost and near- freezing temperatures. upper 30s tonight, that's the big weather story. it's called -- then there's some wind. wind advisory in effect tonight through monday, i don't think you'll notice the win, up above the tunnel, up in grizzly peak, maybe towards mission peak, you'll notice the winds. most kind of warm, breezy, and nice. not a high fire danger.
12:19 am
we've had enough water and rain, fire dangers kind of down. that's good. if it weren't for the rain we've had, this might be a red- flag warning weekend. temperatures tomorrow, lots of low 60s or 70s: forecast in the day tomorrow, starting off cool, most cities in the mid- 60s and low 70s. warmer tomorrow than it was today. specifically, 62 degrees at lunchtime, 70 degrees for saturday, sunday in san meteo, 73 degrees. warmer on sunday, high pressure doing what it's supposed to do. it's also kicking up the kinds. if we hadn't had that rain, probably red flag warning, but few moistures up because of the rain, a lot of moisture out there. that's not the case. the winds will blow. warmer on sunday, then things start to change next week. we care about the weekend with lots of 70s tomorrow. those are your yellows. along the coast, warm, 70 degrees reading at the beach
12:20 am
and down around half-moon bay, one of the coastal sections there. 72, beautiful day. forecast highs on sunday, warmer than these, not record- setting, but definitely warmer. neat weekend ahead. nice place to go, this is the time of year to do it is maybe if you're heading to the coast, head to point reas. you go up there this time of year, go towards the beach or drakes beach, absolutely stunning. i promise you, go to drakes saturday or sunday. good as it gets. beautiful weather, big football over there at the stadium, cal and oregon. >> number 1 oregon ducks. >> promise going to the beach, good weather. >> should be good. >> thanks, bill. two
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well, they have been doing really well, now this happens. >> cane of like there's some weird hex on the golden state warriors. every time they get a whiff of the air that comes with victory, injuries, year after year they crop up. this time it's the team's new star, david lee, freak play, win over the knicks this week, he collided with wilson chandler going for a rebound, lee's elbow knocked a couple of chandler's teeth out. he looked like he got the worst of it. as it turned out, lee sustained a bad cut on his elbow. shortly after his game they found out the area had become infected. lee was flown home, underwent surgery tonight to clean the area out. no one has given an estimate as to when lee might return to action.
12:25 am
changing the subject, we're going to find out quick if mike singletary's believe his team has a chance is a case of coach in extreme denial or something to it. niners have to whip everybody in their inner division games. it starts now. last year san francisco hammered st. louis, not the same rams coming in. they are 4-4. rookie quarterback sam bradford looks sensational. they have a top back in steven jackson who's always ready to run people over. >> division rival, defense i highly respect. i think they go about business the right way and it's going to be a meaningful game and i know guys, a lot of people look at it at a point of view of records don't appreciate sunday. >> that guy is a truck. the high school football factory passing the toughest
12:26 am
test, toned down a bit, but victorious, both teams come in with perfect records. already 7-0. spartans, on a nice plant, he'll do the rest, basically untouched 42 yards and it's 14-0. half-time it was 23-3. 4th quarter, 23-10. flipping, touchdown and suddenly it's 23-17 with 3:20 left. after a fail onsides kick, they polish it off on the wheels of lukas dunn, 3 touchdowns, spartans are champs of the east bay athletic league again, but a pretty good ball game this evening. bottom line,facie pregame, boise state, bigger, faster, better, 7-0 boise state in the
12:27 am
1st. martin flat-out busting through for 8 yards as you look at it again, knocking over everything in sight. this for all of you u of i alum in the bay area, nathan up top to eric greenwood, breaking the shut out. touchdown there they do score 52-14 the final, boise state now 9-0. they have the longest win streak in the country with 23 consecutive wins. melbourne, australia, par 5, robert allenby off the tee and off the mark too as he hits a spectator right on the noggin. happy to report that spectator is a-okay and waves to the gallery with a minor wound. kind of shades of gerald ford there. so far adam bland who is leading by 10 shots over tiger
12:28 am
woods. that's the sporting life for friday night. >> 10 shots over tiger woods?
12:29 am


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